New Kids On The Block’s “Remix (I Like The)” Gets A Truly Great Video

Mar 7th, 2013 // 11 Comments
new kids on the block remix i like the video
All She Wants To Do Is...

New Kids On The Block have dropped the video for their comeback single “Remix (I Like The),” and it’s just in time, too, because this song has really started to grow on us. Now, while you’re obviously clicking play for NKOTB, who look dapper as hail in their navy suits, you may find yourself obsessing even more over the stellar performance by the hilarious Artemis Pebdani (whom you may recognize from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

In her role as “The Lonely Wallflower,” Artemis becomes a one-woman party-starter and by the end she’s busting a movie with Donnie Wahlberg. This is a really good video, guys. Definitely on our list of the best of 2013.

“Remix (I Like The)” is off NKOTB’s comeback album 10, out April 2. And don’t forget, the Kids are gearing up for their Package Tour, along with supporting acts 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men.

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  1. Yes yes I have watched this 5 times already!! NKOTB NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!

  2. AllisonluvsDW

    Love the video! Love NKOTB!

  3. Shannon

    This video doesn’t make me hate the song any less. On the positive side, Joe & Jon look like they are having a damn good time. The lil asian kid dancing like MJ is pretty fly too. Big DooD on the keyboard is the highlight of my day! LOVE HIM!

  4. April

    I LOVE NKOTB! I LOVE Donnie Wahlberg and this video is AMAZING just as they are! And I cant wait for the package tour, i’ll be seeing them in July in San Jose CA.! SO EXCITED!

  5. Kate

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!! The VERY BEST Boy Band of all time!!!!!!! :) :)

  6. @BHlatingBlogger

    I can’t stop watching it! Great come back!!
    LOOOVE NKOTB… and Artemis: my new hero!

  7. Relle

    two words…….. LOVE IT!!!!

  8. MummyB

    I can’t help myself…I need it…love, love, love this video …can’t stop watching it! OMG! What is happening to me…I’ve become a BLOCKHEAD at tha age of 55!! Is that wrong?? Oh who cares….I like the Remix baby! Lol!!

  9. Teesha

    I love this video I am a 60 year old young grandma. Can’t stop from watching it. Donnie moves so goodl. He is so hot . Love the song. Can’t stop dancing.

  10. I’m a Rush fan and this song blew me away. I honestly thought it was a new Lenny Kravitz tune…lol ! Best thing I’ve ever heard by these boyz…..more, more, more : )

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