Anything Out Of Azealia Banks’ Mouth “Is Total Bullsh*t,” According To Shystie

Remember when the video for Azealia Banks‘ collaboration with Shystie, “Control It,” premiered earlier this week, and Banks immediately criticized the video on Twitter and within hours it was pulled from the web? Of course you remember such a momentous occasion. Well, we now have a better idea about what happened — basically, with the backing of Universal, Banks bullied Shystie’s team into removing the video from YouTube all because Banks wanted her own (still not-filmed) video to premiere first.

At least, that’s what Shystie says in a lengthy letter to Billboard‘s The Juice. The British MC, who had a guest spot on Azealia’s Fantasea mixtape, opens the letter by saying, ” [F]irst of all, anything that comes out of the mouth of that girl [Azealia Banks] is total bullshit,” but that’s about as incendiary as she gets. Shystie claims that Banks and her team agreed to the video when it was shot in October, but this week, “[W]e had Azealia and her managers sending disrespectful messages and her label sending litigation threats.”

Frankly, Shystie doesn’t sound like she’s trying to, well, beef up the beef for her own career. “It was actually upsetting to me, as I’ve done so much for her and her family outside of music,” she wrote. “I’ve lent her money, sorted out her hair, took her team out clubbing, etc. We were all cool, like family. She told me that I was one of the best female artists out, and I felt she generally wanted to build a working relationship. I think the fame and pressure forces her to do stupid things, starting all these dumb publicity stunts.” I think we’d all agree with that point regarding the stunts.

The MC closed the letter thusly: “What I’ve learned from this experience is to not do business with fake people.”

Read Shystie’s full missive here, and wait with bated breath for Azealia’s inevitable multi-tweet response.

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