Justin Timberlake Performs “Suit & Tie” With Jay-Z & “Mirrors” On ‘Saturday Night Live’: Watch

Justin Timberlake Suit & Tie Saturday Night Live
Suit & SNL
Justin Timberlake is just having the time of his life, isn’t he? While “Suit & Tie” has continued to grow on us after its initial lackluster first impression, it’s hard not to be charmed by how much fun JT seems to be having in the 20/20 era. Nowhere was that clearer than on his Saturday Night Live performance, where he seemed energetic and enthused during a jazzy performance of “Suit & Tie,” showing off some fancy footwork with a host of nimble back-up dancers before Jay-Z jumped out on stage (surprise, it’s Hov!) to break down his verse. Watch up top, then see him perform “Mirrors” below. 

Setting aside the fact that having Timberlake as host meant Saturday Night Live was as genuinely enjoyable as it’s been in a minute, the good cheer he brought to the stage as performer was a particular joy. Forget the golfing — Justin still belongs on stage.

Later, he performed a striking rendition of “Mirrors.” See it below.

Justin Timberlake — “Mirrors”

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  • elizabeth crannage

    love it love it-my family bopped to suit and tie for 2 hours; I formerly dressed michael jackson-you can see there is a new maestro on the block

  • elizabeth crannage

    omg, where has justin timberlake been-the perfection of timing,the moves,the singing-literally my family is still dancing

  • darbecle

    So Idolator, you didn’t catch the Kanye diss in the 2nd verse? “Got rappers acting dramatic”

    • Bradley Stern

      We just heard about it! We were too busy grooving to notice the subtle sass. Wonder how Kanye will take it?