Beyonce & Jay-Z Among Celebrities Exposed In Massive Hack

Very bad news for some very rich, famous and powerful people: A massive hack earlier today has seen a monster trove of personal information (including social security and credit card numbers, financial histories, phone numbers and addresses) posted online — and celebrities including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and a lot more are probably freaking out right about now. (Sidebar: Remember when Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick was hacked? This is probably way worse than that.)

TMZ reports that the LAPD has already opened an investigation and the FBI is also looking into it — which is good, given that one of the targets of the hack was LAPD Bureau Chief Charlie Beck.

The story will no doubt continue to develop, but suffice it to say that Bey better change her number — and quick.

[via TMZ]

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