Space Capone’s “Why You Wanna Say Goodnight” Video: Idolator Premiere

If Justin Timberlake‘s swanky comeback singles and the rise of Bruno Mars are any indication, we’re heavy into a soul renaissance. We’re talking the type of music that has one of two goals: get you on the dance floor or get you in the bedroom. So now’s the perfect time to introduce you to Space Capone (real name Aaron Winters), a singer who excels at both types of retro tunes. His latest single, “Why You Wanna Say Goodnight,” falls squarely into the “bedroom” category, and we’re happy to premiere the ballad’s video.

The black-and-white clip stars Space alongside the foxy Kelly Thiebaud from General Hospital, and according to Winters himself, the video “soars hand in hand with the soul and vibe that is Space Capone.” Soul, indeed. “Why You Wanna Say Goodnight” is off Space Capone’s self-titled debut album on Nashville’s AVJ Records.

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