Justin vs. Justin: Who’s The Ultimate Justin of Pop? The Results

Last night, while just about everyone was racing to iTunes to stream The 20/20 Experience, Idolator held its latest #ibrawlator on Twitter: Justin vs. Justin: Who’s The Ultimate Justin of Pop? And, well…Bieber’s swaggy self just couldn’t seem to hold a candle to Timberlake’s reign…and that’s putting it nicely. He got creamed! We went through several rounds of questions, and as you can see below, it was almost entirely a JT TKO.

Check out what readers had to say!

On who’s got the better singles collection…

:: cobraestilo said “Kiddin right? Play Cry Me A River just once.”

:: ILoveQueenBey added (with a song reference!): “Justin Timberlake until the End Of Time.”

:: And apyarali threw in a final jab: “LoveStoned ALONE > all of the Biebz singles combined.”

On who’s got the better vocal skills…

:: lazaros_13 had no doubt: “Bieber’s plain vocals wish they were Justin’s amazing ones with his flaw-free falsetto.”

:: We had to counter, just to give the Biebs a break for a little bit: “To be fair, Bieber was discovered after posting homemade videos of himself singing on YouTube. Props for that.”

:: But no one was buying it, including WasNevrWas1: “no disrespect 2 Bieber, he has talent..but he ain’t no Timberlake.”

On who puts on the better live performances…

:: VuDu75 wasn’t feeling queasy about his answer: “Timberlake – he doesn’t faint or puke on stage, better dancer and pipes too.”

:: Added lazaros_13: “JT ’cause he knows how to put on a show and dance his ass off but he’s also enjoying every single performance and it shows.”

On who’s got the better sense of style and/or swag…

:: ILoveQueenBey conceded: “I will actually give this to JB. He have that gangsta white boy swagg>>>>> Ayyyyyeeee”

:: But ndrewmarin was not having it, added photo evidence to boot. “JT. Only a fool would say Bieber has a sense of “style.”

:: makenziedonohue also gave it up for Bieber, giving him his first win: “Obviously the Biebs, he doesn’t need [to] wear a suit and tie to look hotttt.”

On who’s better with their fans…

NorCalBelieber_ had to put her foot down: “Definetly Justin Bieber Nothing against Justin Timberlake but very true.”

And anriquezlucas agreed, giving Bieber his second win: “i think @justinbieber is better, he kinda cares and doesn’t take that long making music.”

Final arguments…

Christiana317 shouted “Justin Timberlake!”, LuvPink524 cheered “JT JT JT” and ILoveQueenBey laid the final smackdown: “You really tried with this one -__- Don’t even TRY to compare JB with Justus Timberlakus on this level.”

Congratulations, JT! You remain the reigning Justin of Pop. And, while everyone’s in a debating state of mind, make sure to vote in our ongoing Timberlake Tournament.

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