Watch Justin Timberlake Perform “SexyBack” With A Barbershop Quartet & “Mirrors” On ‘Late Night’

On Justin Timberlake‘s second night of his residency on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the pop star joined Fallon and The Ragtime Gals for a barbershop quartet quintet version of JT’s “SexyBack.” On the one hand, that means we’ll have to wait until later this week for another edition of The History of Rap. On the other hand, this anachronistic take on JT’s futurist hit gave us the “Suit & Tie” singer dressed up like a pack of Fruit Stripe gum, so, still a win for viewers.

Check out the ragtime rendition of “SexyBack” up top, and be sure to stick around for the old-timey dancing at the end. And below watch Timberlake turn out another solid performance of “Mirrors,” this time with a bit of that extended outro.