Justin Timberlake’s 10 Sexiest Music Videos: Leave It All On The Floor Tonight

On the occasion of his recent slew of TV appearances and his latest single “Mirrors” topping the UK chart — and just in time for the March 19th release of his third solo album, the intriguingly titled The 20/20 Experience — we’re taking a stroll down Sexyback Lane for a look back at the talented Mr. Timberlake’s most scintillating music videos. And what qualifies these clips as scintillating, you may ask? Oh, you know: JT’s signature brand of soulful crooning, those sly, come-hither looks, plenty of intricate choreography and maybe, just maybe, a pinstriped accoutrement or two. Nothing dirty, you pervs — sexy is a state of mind!

Of course, a bit of exposed JT shoulder here and there doesn’t hurt. (And that’s about all you’ll get from the notoriously private artiste.) As we peruse these clips, some for the thousandth time since they first premiered, we ask ourselves: would we still love Justin T. if he wasn’t such a damned sex beast? If he didn’t have that swagger, that cool and all those playfully sensual videos, most of them done on a budget that could feed and clothe a small midwestern town? And the answer to that, dear readers, is: probably not! After all, without the above-mentioned traits, he just wouldn’t be Justin Timberlake, would he?

But enough of our philosophizing. From dapper suits & ties to the most luxurious running outfits, JT has been one of pop music’s most stylin’ icons for the better part of his career and remains a beacon of cool in a frequently lukewarm pop world. These videos are the evidence. Roll on, the Justin Timberlake Sexy 10!

“SexyBack” (2006)

Hands down, Justin’s sexiest era was the FutureSex/LoveSounds album campaign, with its tailored pinstripe vests and ultra-chic videos. Oh, and the music was good, too! This clip for the album’s first single is a European moist dream, set in a penthouse full of undulating models throwing some sort of fashion orgy that culminates in a just-symbolic-enough explosion at the end. By that point, JT’s sultry performance has already crushed us like a cheap disco ball.