Mindless Behavior’s ‘All Around The World’ Movie Premiere: Watch All The Action

Mindless Behaviour all around the world movie premiere
Lose Your Minds Over The Guys At Their Movie Premiere
Teen heartthrobs Mindless Behavior not only returned with new album All Around The World this week (pick up a copy here), they also star in the documentary/concert movie Mindless Behavior: All Around The World, which hits AMC theaters this Friday (March 15). To get you going out of your mind even further — if that’s possible — we’ve got an exclusive sneak peak of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal at the premiere of the movie at L.A.’s Universal Citywalk on March 10.

Watch above as the quartet dance and sing for their screaming horde of fans and pose for pictures with a few lucky ladies during the event.

Mindless Behavior worked with established songwriters and producers such as Sean Garrett, Ester Dean, Walter Millsap and Rob Wells on sophomore LP All Around The World, which was released on Tuesday (March 12).

A deluxe version featuring four additional songs and four different CD covers — one for each member of the group, natch — is available at Target.

  • Dyeima Hall

    yall awesome , yall got swag ,yall mindless i love yall (especially prodigy&princeton) muha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for dat movie

  • Dominique McLaughlin

    I love you guys, you have evolved into such handsome young men. you constantly surprise us with brand new talents and sounds. you wouldn’t think it’s possible to like a group anymore than you already do right? WROOOONG, This Year is going to be great for you guys, I’m a bigger fan than I was when you guys first started out Keep up the good work, thank you for letting us bass in all of your Mindlessness

  • Erika To’Fly Rodriguez

    Zayum ! u guys swaqqed out ! I swear this movie is qoinq to be epic ! I can’t wait ! U guys got looks, dance moves, & fans *cough cough* ME ! xD Lmaoo but for real Imma go see the movie & proly come out crying, screaming, and everythinq else xD Cant Wait !!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Brianna Pirtle

    I love them so much haha

  • Brianna Pirtle

    In this video prodigy is looking as beautiful as ever and all them all looking fine and grown up

  • alena curry

    omg i cant wait for the movie … love it team mindless

  • Troi

    Iam Mindless about my Drawings.

    • Troi

      Iam Mindless about my Drawings.& my favorite boys Prodigy & RayRay.

  • mayamarie

    i love them so much i almost started crying just watching this little piece of the movie #team mindless

  • Christelle

    I Love you MB

  • Star’fabulous Kold



    I love you guys and wanted to say STAY MINDLESS! I love that phrase. O.M.G. i’m such a misfit like you Princeton. And I’m goofy like Ray Ray. Sometimes serious like Prod and cute as Roc Royal! I am of you in 1. To me anyways. Just wanted to say, I love you guys, much luck in your future and STAY MINDLESS! :)

  • 143Nida

    i love mindless behavior i want to watch their movies all around the world amd bad behavior so bad #stay mindless #spread the peace #team mindless

  • dimond

    roc royal is sooo cute (:

    • CARINA