Ke$ha Gets Sleazy (And Rowdy) In Las Vegas

Good news: Ke$ha hung out in Las Vegas last night at Caesar’s Palace to celebrate PURE Nightclub’s eighth anniversary. Better news: While she was there, she did not drink her own urine!

Yes, the trash-pop diva made a major cameo at the Vegas hotspot, showing up at 1 a.m. wearing a black lace corset and shorts covered with flower petals and Louboutin booties, plus a rather goofy flower wreath in her hair, leading fans to ooh and aah and hail her as Ke$hus Christ, their Lord and Savior. (That part cannot be confirmed, but we have our suspicions it’s probably what happened.) She also reportedly said, “Vegas, this place about to blow!” (which makes sense, ultimately) and performed “Blow,” “Tik Tok” and “Die Young,” sitting on the side of the stage to touch the hands of her assembled fans, who shook and cried and trembled before her holy greatness as confetti rained down upon the crowd.

Being a pop star seems like a terribly tough, crazy, beautiful life. See the pictures up top.

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