Selena Gomez’s “Rule The World”: Hear The Dance-Pop Leak, Which Is Not A Single

A new tune from the great Selena Gomez is always a good thing, although this one isn’t an official single — note how there’s no word from Camp Selena or Hollywood Records about it so far, which indicates pretty clearly that the release wasn’t planned — but hey! No matter!

The song is out there now, and it’s called “Rule the World,” and while it’s neither a Take That cover nor is it an announcement of her intentions to rule the world as the new Pope (topical!), it is an electrifying dance-pop banger with a monolithically great chorus and a storming, anthemic beat, plus a big house break. Cool! Great!

After all, really, what more could you ask for from a Selena Gomez song than that? Not much. Still, our impulse is that her official lead single — now titled “Come and Get It” — might even blow this one out of the water. Just a guess. Listen below.

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