Nicki Minaj Interviews Herself For ‘Elle’ Magazine: Watch

Nicki Minaj has been keeping busy as a judge on American Idol when she’s not late to set, that is! — but she appears to have gotten impressively comfortable tackling multiple roles at once, as evidenced by this new clip shot as part of her April cover of Elle, since she’s interviewing herself. Yes, the madcap rapstress plays both the enthusiastic journalist and the reticent subject as she asks herself a series of questions about her childhood and journey to stardom in a strange but playful video. 

Sure, it’s weird, but it’s no weirder than any other of Minaj’s antics, and she turns out to be quite the muckraker: “I’m gonna be artificially inseminated so I don’t ever have sex with anyone,” says Minaj of her love life. Also, she loves black thongs. Take it or leave it.

Watch up top.