Little Boots’ ‘Nocturnes’ Album Inspired By DJ-ing And Dance Music: Watch The Trailer

Last month Little Boots announced her long-awaited sophomore LP Nocturnes and debuted a new Sally Shapiro-esque song called “Motorway.” Now the British electo-pop artist, whose real name is Victoria Hesketh, is opening up about the inspiration for and the mood of the album, which is set for a May 6 release via her own On Repeat Records.

“The kind of music I listen to and I play and I love, a lot of it’s pretty weird, so what I really needed someone who could bring that weirdness, that musicality, that kind of sonic landscape to offset the pop that’s still married with it and make it really work,” Hesketh explains of her choice to work with producer/DFA Records co-founder Tim Goldsworthy on the album, in a new video clip.

She goes on to state that fans can expect the sound of the album to be raw “in the sense that it doesn’t feel overproduced.” Hesketh notes that she was inspired by dance music and her own DJ-ing gigs, and adds that the songs work cohesively and describe the journey she’s been on for the past three years while making the record.

“It’s been written all over the world with a lot of different people who I love and respect,” she says in the album trailer.

So far we’re loving the lo-fi electronic quality that we’ve heard from songs like “Motorway” and “Every Night I Say A Prayer.” Will you be picking up a copy of Nocturnes in May?

[Via Rolling Stone]