Shystie’s “Doppelganger”: Hear The Azealia Banks Diss Track

Mar 17th, 2013 // Comment
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“Either get in the booth, or shut your mouth,” Shystie spits to kick off “Doppelganger,” an Azealia Banks diss track that offers the London rapper’s take on their Twitter beef and Banks’ latest song.

Their Twitter beef stems from Shystie’s March 4 release of her “Control It” music video — which, despite her own verse and cameo, Banks called “bogus” and “unoriginal.” Shystie’s second verse in “Doppelganger” is a fiery and more succinct version of her open letter to Billboard‘s The Juice, while later verses simultaneously interpolate the melodic breakdown of Banks’ “212″ and take down “Yung Rapunxel.” Hear “Doppelganger” after the jump.

As for Banks, she has since moved on to calling out Rita Ora.


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