Selena Gomez Tells David Letterman She Made Justin Bieber Cry: Watch

Selena Gomez appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote Spring Breakers Monday night (March 18), and the star managed to get in a pretty good dig at her ex Justin Bieber. But the great thing was how playful it seemed, instead of coming off as spiteful or catty.

Letterman asked her about her relationship status, to which she replied, “I’m single, I’m so good.” That “so” would’ve been enough to sting Bieber, but don’t worry, there’s more. Letterman then recounted the last time Bieber was on his show, when things got quite awkward (the tattoos and “Sixteenth Chapel” debacle). The host claimed he made the Biebs cry, and that turned out to be a perfect lob pass for Selena to slam home. “Well, then, that makes two of us,” she said with a giant grin. Burn!

Yep, she is so good.