Selena Gomez & Jimmy Fallon Perform “Mario Kart Love Song,” Talk ‘Spring Breakers’: Watch

Mar 20th, 2013 // Comment
Selena Gomez Jimmy Fallon Mario Kart Love Song
A Meaningful Love Song, Obviously

An important moment in musical history occurred last night, friends: Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon teamed up for a very special performance of Sam Hart‘s seminal classic “Mario Kart Love Song.” (Note: It is not a seminal classic, just a rather precious YouTube hit, but the performance was legitimately very special.) Sporting a mustache with Fallon on guitar, Gomez gamely participated in the number and made a lot of fanboy dreams come true, presumably.

But that’s not all! The Spring Breakers starlet also sat down with Fallon for a chat about her experience shooting the film (and the curious idiosyncrasies of spring break), and how James Franco seemed incredibly creepy until she got to know him, or something. (The part about how she doesn’t think he’s creepy anymore wasn’t particularly convincing.) Watch below.

Selena Gomez Interview on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


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