Christina Aguilera Talks Taking A Break At ‘The Voice’ Party: Watch

Christina Aguilera The Voice Party Red Carpet
Feel This Red Carpet
Legendary songbird Christina Aguilera hit the red carpet at the premiere party for The Voice (a show on which she, lamentably, is no longer a judge) last night, and she even talked to some mortals! Also, she looked really good! So good that everyone on the Internet was talking about it, which is a pretty good thing. Soft and svelte and glowing and feminine and all of those things.

Legendtina reigns!

She also took the opportunity to talk about taking a much-deserved break, after the grueling trials of #LotusPromo, as well as the importance of supporting her fellow sister on The Voice panel, now that Shakira is left to brave all that testosterone. But most significantly, she gave a plug to “Feel This Moment.” A very, very subtle plug.

Watch up top.