Justin Bieber Spat In Neighbor’s Face, Threatened To Kill Him: Report

Yikes! Justin Bieber sure seems to be unraveling, doesn’t he? The Canadian superstar’s descent into 2007 Britney Spears-level chaos has been rapid and dramatic, and it reached a new zenith yesterday, with reports surfacing via TMZ that Bieber was being investigated for battery following a verbal altercation with his neighbor; today, more details emerged, including the thrillingly horrible allegation that Bieber spat in his neighbor’s face and said, “I’m gonna fucking kill you.” Oh, boy. Here we go! 

According to TMZ, Bieber had a new Ferrari dropped off at his Calabasas property at around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning and decided to take a scenic, lovely drive around his neighborhood (going about 100mph). When his neighbor went over to complain (supposedly screaming “You can’t drive like this!” which may not be the most tactful way to get your point across to a petulant developmentally malformed man-child), Bieber reportedly responded, “Get the fuck out of here,” then spat in his face, yelling, “I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

The kicker: The guy “wants Bieber prosecuted and will not back down.” This doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well, does it?

And to think: We never suspected that there could be anything worse happening in Calabasas than Kris Jenner.

[via TMZ]