Tyler, The Creator’s “IFHY” Video: Life In A Dollhouse

All week, Tyler, the Creator has been tweeting about the premiere of his next video from Wolf (out April 2),  and he hasn’t sounded particularly happy about it. We’re not going to try to decode his true feelings about the clip, but today (March 29), he finally pulled the trigger and premiered it. The Pharrell-assisted “IFHY” is Tyler’s lurching, twisted version of a love song (see if you can guess what the title stands for). The video has him living in some sadistic dude’s dollhouse, looking kind of like the people in those old Duracell commercials, pining after the female doll.

Combined with the cavernous, off-kilter beat, it makes for an entertaining, if slightly off-putting, four minutes.

Like Tyler’s video for “Domo 23,” this visual fades into a snippet of a second song at the end (in this case, “Jamba”), before abruptly cutting off.