Demi’s Biggest Fan Contest: Vote on The Top 20 Shrines!

Alright, Lovatics — you know what’s up.

Last week, we launched a contest for a ridiculously amazing opportunity of a lifetime: A trip to Barbados to meet Demi Lovato!

Over the past few days, you’ve been sending in your shrines to Princess Demetria using the hashtag #DemisBiggestFan. CDs! Posters! Signed T-shirts and ticket stubs! After a lot of careful consideration, we’ve narrowed down the hundreds of submissions to the Top 20 shrines — and it’s your turn to decide the winner.

So, here’s what to do:

1.) Scroll through the submissions below.
2.) Vote for your favorite shrine by clicking “VOTE.” (Note: You can only do this once a day per computer!)
3.) Voting will end in 48 hours (Wednesday, April 3 at 3:30 EST.)
4.) The winner will be announced via Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

To the finalists: Grab all your friends, tell them to vote like crazy, and start digging out your passport now. You might be heading to Barbados very, very soon. And if you don’t win the grand prize, don’t forget — 3 runner-ups are receiving Demi’s entire back catalog, including a signed copy of her upcoming album!

Got all that? Good. Stay strong and vote on!

Have you seen the cover for Demi’s upcoming album yet?

  • Jill

    my shrine is definitely better than at least five of these.

  • Lovatic

    My shrine is better than at least 5 of these. I got a tattoo straight from one of her bracelets that say stay strong on my wrist. I don’t care if I wouldn’t have won. I just wanted Demi to see it.

  • Morgan

    My shrine was better than at least 5 of these as well. I sat in front of my computer for 3 days straight (while having a serious stomach flu I might add) to upload pictures. I had packs 20 pictures (that I carefully put into a collage) and sat and upload all of them (in total 21 pictures) 500 times! I’m just outraged. We don’t have a lot of money, this was really me and my mother’s only chance to see what a very nice vacation and this was MY only chance to meet the person who saved my life. I dug out a perfume (camp rock perfume) FROM 2008! I bought a HAND PAINTED picture of demi for ungodly amounts of money, i had a total of 1237 pictures of demi in my room (all carefully photographed to be in the shot, I HAD A MANNEQUIN with HER ONCERT T-SHIRT on it, I HAD ALL OF HER CD’S (and the ultra-rare DONT FORGET DELUXE EDITION) , I HAD FRAMED ONCERT TICKETS, I HAD TEEN VOGUE, I HAD EVERYTHING THAT I COULD POSSIBLY HAVE. I AM SO UPSET! This would have been my only chance to meet demi, and well I guess that dream is crushed now too isn’t it? I wanted demi to know something, you know what that something is? That I am bullied every single day and whenever I feel like I’m just not worth it and I should give up, I look at her smiling face and say to myself I’m staying strong for her. Isn’t that what being a lovatic is? Not only having posters and cd’s but also looking to her for inspiration when there is none to be found? I poured my heart and soul into the pictures, the posters, the captions. Everything.

  • DemiGIrl

    Vote for picture number 4! Love her, and she deserves this win!


    VOTE FOR @MacyCroley !!!!! Demi’s BIGGEST fan right there!!!!!


    VOTE @MacyCroley!!!!!!!!

  • Aurelia

    Wow i wish i would’ve made the top 20.