Watch Robert DeLong Perform “Global Concepts” In The Texas Heat

There are plenty of solo purveyors of EDM/electro/dubstep/whatever you wanna call it, but Robert DeLong is starting to stand out among the knob-turning masses. The first distinction is that he sings. He also takes a hodgepodge of electronic elements — some Postal Service-like vocal earnesty here, churning neon synths there, a clever mix of drum machines and real skins — to create kinetic and off-kilter nuggets of dance pop. Oh, and sometimes he uses video game controllers as musical instruments.

It’s all part of making the live show come to life — it’s just Robert up there, so rather than simply hop around and push buttons, he aims for a more visceral experience for the audience. Hence the drums, keyboards and assortment of other gadgets for him to play with. DeLong stopped by the Sonos Studio in Austin during SXSW to talk about this live strategy, and he performed the fast-rising single “Global Concepts.” Check it out up top.

You’ll be able to catch Robert’s sweaty one-man show at Lollapalooza in August.