Nicki Minaj’s “High School” Video: See Her Get Sexy With Lil Wayne

A new day, a new Nicki Minaj clip! Yes, the rapstress and American Idol judge has dropped her 10,000th music video, this one for “High School,” her latest single from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded — The Re-Up; Remixed, Reduced & Revisited ~ Roman’s Recharge (okay, we made part of that title up). But still! Nicki’s had a lot of singles from this album. That’s all we’re saying.

This is a pretty good one, though, all things considered: The song, with assistance from Lil Wayne, is sultry and provocative, and now with a visual component it’s even more dynamic: Minaj struts and flaunts in a lot of sexy swimsuits, makes out with Wayne in a bedroom, and appears to be a jewel thief, or something? Because she and Weezy escape via helicopter with some diamonds at the end of the video? Whatever. It’s not totally clear. Also, it doesn’t totally matter. Narrative matters much less here than her curves and weaves. 

Even though the clip was shot before his seizure scare, it’s still nice to see Weezy in typically lecherous form, up to his old tricks. Looks like it’s business as usual — for now.

Watch the video up top.

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