Justin Bieber Covers ‘Teen Vogue’ Music Issue (Twice!)

Hey, look! It’s boy wonder/walking meltdown Justin Bieber, who has had a rough couple weeks, hasn’t he? Yes. Yes, he sure has. That’s why we were so relieved to find his head screwed on straight and his feet planted firmly on the ground, sounding humble and rational in his new Teen Vogue cover story. To wit: “Every time a hater visits my YouTube page, I get, like, four cents. So tell the haters to keep hating, keep commenting, because I’m making money.”


Well, at least he looks good on the cover! There’s two of them, actually — the first is a close-up shot of Bieber in a white tank serving up Derek Zoolander face, while the second sees him, well, also serving Zoolander face, but he looks a little bit more concerned. Either way, it’s handsome and a little rough around the edges in all the right way, even if “Justin’s Crazy Year” is a little shady (just us?), so good for the Biebs. Keep hating, haters.

Catch the full interview in Teen Vogue, on newsstands April 16.

[via People]