Beyonce Teases New Single, Or Something, With “#BeyHereNow” Video: Watch

Beyonce BeyHereNow Teaser Video
A rattling tribal beat and a stunning shot of Beyonce flicking her wrist? Why yes, that is all the sustenance we needed today.

After instructing all of us to “Bow Down,” Beyonce has dropped a teaser video for her new single, or new video, or new announcement, or new album, or new tour (who really knows, at this point? Let’s assume it’s a single, though), which is coming tomorrow, April 4, at 9AM ET. All it says is “#BeyHereNow.” So you know what? We will.

It’s also worth noting that Beyonce married Jay-Z on April 4, 2008, which means tomorrow marks the couple’s five-year anniversary. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s just his little wife. Right?

Watch up top, and check back tomorrow to find out if Beyonce is going to save pop music, or whatever.

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  • streamingchurches

    Beyonce is something else….

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  • RtA1913

    Oh God i’m already tired of her and she hasn’t even released a single. Talk about OVEREXPOSURE and OVERRATED

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    Thank you RtA1913!

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    the only DIVA