Vicci Martinez’s “Come Along” Video: Go Behind The Scenes

We’ve been fans of Vicci Martinez‘s single “Come Along” since it premiered last year…wait, let’s back up. We’ve been fans of Vicci Martinez since her stint on Season 1 of The Voice. And the fact that she covered Swede sensation Titiyo‘s “Come Along” just makes her all the more rad in our eyes. Vicci finally got around to shooting a video for the song, a duet with Cee Lo Green (who, if you recall, mentored her on The Voice). The full clip officially premiered today, and we’ve also got a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Vicci on the set.

“I’m just gonna keep playing music and I’m gonna keep what I can to help and heal people and inspire them,” Vicci says during her video shoot. “That’s what it’s all about for me.”

Go behind the scenes with Martinez above, then watch the full “Come Along” vid below.

Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green — “Come Along”

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