Whatcha Say: Pepsi’s Beyonce Commercial, Miley, Demi & Selena Got Our Readers Talking

Beyoncé kicked off the week with a bey-ng by delivering a glass-shattering, Beyoncé-tastic new commercial for Pepsi that got the BeyHive buzzin’. Then, while Selena Gomez teased us with her new single “Come & Get It,” Demi Lovato debuted her album cover and Miley Cyrus premiered her puff puff pass-friendly new jam with Snoop Lion, we decided to declare an #Ibrawlator: Who would reign as this year’s pop princess between the three post-Disney princesses? Y’all have been fighting to the death ever since (and it’s still going.) All in good fun!

Check out some of the best comments of the week below.

:: When we asked you what Jane Lynch said when she met “I Kissed A Girl” chanteuse Katy Perry out on the streets in Los Angeles in our Caption This contest, Ludogn1 was quick to quip on Instagram: “Let me show you how to kiss a girl. You’ll really like it!”

:: Logan‘s reaction to Bey’s glass-shattering Pepsi ad was short and sweet on Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”: Hear The New Song In Bey’s “Mirrors” Pepsi Commercial: “Jesus Christ she’s perfect.”

:: RtA1913, however, remained thoroughly unimpressed: “Typical Beyoncé: Same old, nothing new. 
She’s been doing the same moves for what? 10 years now? It got boring by the 50th time.”

:: While Danny swore he saw this somewhere before: “Katy Perry rip off. Just sayin.”

:: After hearing Ke$ha‘s growly Warrior leak “Dancing With The Devil,” GC got indignant on Ke$ha’s “Dancing With The Devil”: Hear The ‘Warrior’ Demo: “Clearly Kesha’s vision for Warrior was a lot better than what RCA wanted. It’s still a really good album but they need to trust her and not force her to be a dance pop artist when she clearly doesn’t want to be one anymore. She’s incredibly talented and is too good to be churning out generic pop songs.”

:: Drew thought the joke was on him when Hanson returned on Hanson’s “Get The Girl Back” Video: Watch Kat Dennings & Nikki Reed Play Hard To Get: “I was really hoping Hanson’s return was an April Fools’ joke.”

:: After taking a look back at Kylie Minogue‘s X, Angel Love Figueroa had a few theories on its performance in America on Kylie Minogue’s ‘X’ Turns Five In The US: Stan & Deliver: “It’s interesting to look back and see that this album came out early in 2008 and didn’t make much of a splash in the US. But in the later part of 2008, Lady Gaga’s electro-sound did take off. Was it the age difference? Are there political forces behind the scenes in the music industry dictating trends? I’m sure we can come up with a dozen theories.”

:: During our heated #Ibrawlator battle between Demi, Selena and Miley on Twitter, @LoveRadiators made an interesting prediction about their career trajectories: “Miley and Demi will have a good career on music industry. Selena can have a good career on cinematography industry.”

:: And @AlexanderGold simply could not with any of this: “This is some fucked up gay Sophie’s Choice bullshit.”

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