Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It”: Hear Her New Song In Its Entirety

Selena Gomez has premiered her new single, “Come and Get It,” two days ahead of schedule and after two weeks of dropping hints.

One preview revealed that “Come and Get It” would incorporate a bhangra beat and chant. Another teaser gave away what turned out to be the song’s bridge, with all attention drawn to Gomez’s voice. These hints made it difficult to predict how her new single would sound in its entirety. Turns out though, “Come and Get It” is catchy yet seductive — a terrific example of how bass drops don’t necessarily have to be earth-shattering, and why she’s in the running for Pop Princess of 2013.

Hear “Come and Get It” after the jump.

[via Ryan Seacrest]

  • Naomi

    It’s not a bad song, to be quite honest. I like the whole bhangra feel to it. I just think it’s missing something, I don’t know what it is though.

  • Danny

    I like it. Hate the na na na’s though. Makes it childish sounding.

  • Mariah

    Love it its dope good job Selena

  • lokodevil

    this song does involve something so…Britney!!!!

  • Justin

    Ester Dean. Stargate. “Na, na, na, na”. That breakdown. Cough-rejected-Rihanna-demo-cough. Just saying…

  • Justin

    but still super hot!

  • Donna

    Great song to dance to. I like it.

  • Jay

    Selena, Demi and the Jonas Brothers now all have something in common besides being on the Disney Channel at one point….they’ve all released lackluster singles. While I’m sure all their die-hard fans will proclaim it as “the best song ever” in typical fashion, I just can’t help but feel disappointed.
    “Come and Get It” is just nothing new….it just sounds like everything we’ve heard in pop music before…the reggae-lite beat, complete with what sounds like an attempt to sound like Rihanna on songs like “Man Down” or “Rude Boy” down to the “na na na.” But in the end…what does one really expect from a singer like Selena Gomez?

  • Tommy Cichon

    It’s a catchy song, but Selena could have been a lot more enthusiastic on the chorus instead of pretty much just talking the whole thing

  • LMG

    I did’nt like the first part…it sounded like grunting and moaning to me and it just doesn’t fit (take that out and I would bet the song sounds much smoother). When she started singing it was ok. Not one of the best out there right now which is a pity because I believe she could do so much better.

  • Leona

    I like it! It’s really catchy you know…. I can’t study now! :D