Our Favorite Acts of 2013 (So Far!)

We here at Idolator LOVE pop music. (Duh.) And judging by all the comments on the site, Facebook and Twitter, you guys definitely do too.

But we’ve realized that, while we’re making good on providing the best pop news on the daily, we haven’t had a chance to step back and tell you who we love. So, like Lindsay Lohan, we wanted to get a little more personal (raw).

We’ve gone around and asked each editor at Idolator to tell us their favorite act of 2013 (so far), along with a selfie and a blurb explaining why they’ve made their choice. Our favorite picks are all featured below, and the best part is — it’s your turn to contribute! We want you to vote on which of our favorites is your favorite.

The poll will stay open for two weeks, until April 22, when we’ll declare who our official Idolator Favorite Act of 2013 (So Far!) is on Idolator.

So please take a look below, and let us know: Who do you love too? Vote now!

  • Amer El-Mousa

    :O I think the biggest shock on this page is BRADLEY STERN! I’ve been checking out MuuMuse for a looong time now and I’ve never known that he works for Idolator as well…

    • Bradley Stern

      It’s true—you caught me! ;)

  • Justin SanDiego

    Wow, thanks so much for posting about FAYE. I have never heard of her until this article, but when i read that you compared her to Florence and Robyn, i knew i needed to check this chick out. She’s great! I love “Breathe Out”