One Direction & The Wanted Are Feuding On Twitter Again

Apr 8th, 2013 // 9 Comments
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Looks like there’s still bad cyber blood between One Direction and The Wanted. Back in November, 1D’s Zayn Malik got into a Twitter spat with Max George of The Wanted (with cameos from other members of the bands), and the guys hurled insults about style and STDs and other high-minded concepts. Today (April 8), a second battle began, this one mainly between Louis Tomlinson and Tom Parker.

It seemed to start when Tomlinson made a few snarky replies to photos Tom posted. Louis then posted a link to an old article with the headline “The Wanted’s Tom Parker: My failed X Factor audition shattered me.” Parker replied with a video of Louis’ shaky X Factor audition, so Louis called him “the biggest twat on Twitter.”  These guys really need to find a better way to channel their grief over Margaret Thatcher‘s death.

Soon enough, Liam Payne and Jay McGuiness were involved. And then the girlfriends. And then 1D made jokes about Max and Lindsay Lohan. Head below to see some of the notable tweets from the feud.










[via ONTD]


  1. GU

    No it started on twitter with tom tweeting things to louis but he’s deleted tweets and of course announced wanted’s new single is coming out soon. Not surprised they wanted some publicity now that their single is coming out and will probably be talking about this in interviews for it.

  2. HELLO


  3. Tomlinson_Direction

    Gooo LOUIS You’re theeee best ! I LOVE YOUUU !
    One Direction 4evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

  4. melanie

    go louis(:
    i hate the wanted

  5. .-

    actually the wanted started it, im not a 1d fan, but this article is wrong

  6. Ushma

    Looks like tw want 2 get insulted by 1D im a directioner n i no wat will us all directioners do KILL TW tw will be wanted to b kill by us directioners!!!!

  7. Ushma

    I HATE THE WANTED SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Go 1D i will support u in everything i ❤ u 1D directioner 4evaaaaa

  8. Haneen Hazza

    Go louis i love you one direction :))))

  9. lauren

    Go louis

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