Chvrches Cover ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme, And May Have Been Singing About ‘GoT’ This Whole Time

Apr 8th, 2013 // Comment
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Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love Chvrches any more than we already do, the Scottish synth-pop trio went and covered the Game of Thrones theme song. Because, obviously, the song was just begging for a bit of analog electro to make it sound like a fantasy video game score. Big Legend of Zelda vibes here. Is this the nerdiest Idolator post in history?

No, now it is: We think maybe Chvrches have secretly been writing songs about GoT all along. Seriously, every one of their tracks could apply to major parts of the show. (Minor spoilers ahead) “Lies” could be the alternate theme, for obvious reasons. In “Science and Vision,” Lauren Mayberry starts off singing, “Breathe, don’t speak / It’s leaving your body now.” Don’t even try to tell me that’s not about  Melisandre and the smoke monster. And then there’s “The Mother We Share” which, c’mon, the Lannisters! That whole clan shares the same mother-lover. As for “Recover,” that could refer to Tyrion Lannister after his face got slashed during last season’s battle, or Bran Stark ever since he got pushed out of the window in the pilot episode. Ah, but what about “ZVVL,” you wonder? Easy: it surely means something in the language of the White Walkers.

ANYWAY, enough Game geekery, watch their fun cover below.

[via Stereogum]

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