MS MR’s “Hurricane” Video Is A Hurricane Of Weirdness: Watch

Apr 8th, 2013 // 1 Comment
ms mr hurricane video
Not Even The Strangest Part

It’s a good day for music videos from rising pop acts! Earlier we saw Foxes‘ razor-sharp “Beauty Queen” clip, and now we’ve got MS MR‘s, um, batshit insane “Hurricane” video. Their glitter-puking “Fantasy” video was just a tame little appetizer for the bizarre, pastel-colored uneasiness on display here as Lizzy Plapinger — decked out in blue Avatar skin — sings, “Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.” Apparently those inner workings also include green slime, pink slime and a disembodied goblin hand. Get weird and hit play up top.

“Hurricane” is the lead single of the duo’s debut album Secondhand Rapture, out May 14.


  1. Sam

    The pink hair and blue skin, and the hairstyle even is very very similar to nicki minaj’s vogue photo shoot. (Also the outsit was worn recently by nicki minaj in elle, but probably to recently to be emulated) but yeah it’s totally interesting

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