PSY’s “Gentleman”: Listen To The Leaked New Song

Apr 11th, 2013 // 7 Comments
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Hours after PSY announced that his first post-“Gangnam Style” single would be released at midnight tonight, the song has leaked online. And if you’re looking for something a bit more deep and meaningful from the Korean MC, then “Gentleman” isn’t for you.

We will say that “Gentleman” at least switches things up from “Gangnam Style” a bit. Like, the beat is kind of different, right? Still, the same monotonous, driving bass-’n-synth quality that made this one’s predecessor so inescapable and drilled it into the brains of the masses is there, practically compelling the listener to click repeat at least twice. Or maybe that’s just us.

Spin PSY’s first new song of 2013 below!

PSY — “Gentleman”

Pop is a fickle game, and so who knows if “Gentleman” will be as universally embraced as “Gangnam Style” was. But, hey — at least it’s better than “Harlem Shake.” Plus, we get some new PSYisms here, such as “I’m a mother-father gentleman” and “damn, girl, you’re so freakin’ sexy.”

That said, there is a bit of line-crossing when the rapper declares, “Gonna make you sweat! Gonna make you wet!” Yeah, we’ll be the judge of that, PSY.

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  1. andreportugal

    is not a equal a gagnam style.

  2. crazy

    better than gangnam style! just listen to that crazy beat.

  3. Dorey

    Who cares if it’s better or worse than Gangnam Style? Just enjoy it for what it is, snobs.


    Goood :-)

  5. PSYsGentleman



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