And The Winner Of The Boy Band Ibrawlator Is…

Who won the boy band battle?
Earlier this week, while the boys of One Direction and The Wanted duked it out on Twitter, we asked you to decide for yourselves: Which boy band is better?

The battle on the poll (and the comment section!) was fierce. Then, we held the #Ibrawlator Twitter debate this afternoon, where dozens of Wanted fans and Directioners weighed in with their thoughts on a variety of topics. And now, we’ve officially got a winner!

Who reigns supreme? Check out highlights from the Twitter debate below — and find out who won this week’s Ibrawlator!

On their harmonizing skills…

:: alexandergold kept it thoughtful: “One Direction + The Wanted both have stand-out attractive talented members but 1D is a perfect team.”

:: mydeardirection said it bluntly: “Hard to top being compared to The Beatles.

On their overall longevity…

:: directioner1809 kept it by the numbers: “1D. They’re already way more successful than TW right now. They got more downloads, more followers.”

:: checkachelli added: “1D because The Wanted are barely even relevant now.”

On the quality of their music…

:: nickbassett1981 noted: “The Wanted’s career high for me was “Lose My Mind.” 1D have patchy single choices. Either great or terrible.”

:: tezero added: “I remember being shocked to learn TW was a Boy Band. Their sound is much more mature than 1D.”

:: jacksongriffey disagreed, saying: “1D will always have the upper hand when it comes to successful singles.”

:: EmDelRey countered: “Though 1D has their share of hits, “Glad You Came” was playing at every club in every city. + the #1 single of 2012.”

On which group is more dedicated to their fans…

:: J_Casssssidy said: “The Wanted seem to see themselves as “above” pop music and its fans, so, by extension, they dont seem to like their own fans.”

:: directioner1809 added: “1D. Have you seen their Twitter? What they do to their fans is amazing. They’re amazing.”

And so, after factoring in the results of the poll, the winner is…

Congratulations, One Direction! You’ve won this week’s Ibrawlator!

Thanks again for voting and participating in the #Ibrawlator Twitter debate, everyone.

What do you think of the results of the Boy Band Ibrawlator? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Aly

    sorry, but you do realize that The Wanted don’t have as many manufactured fans as One Direction do, right? so obviously they have more people to stand up for them. plus, we TWFanmily don’t care about petty polls because we have our own opinions on the boys, and we couldn’t care less about if you love them or hate them. but don’t you DARE say that The Wanted don’t love their fans because if anything, they love their fans more than 1D loves their own fans. TW make mailers and videos for us every week, and they interact with their fans all the time. the number of tweets all of TW plus the band account have sent to their fans far surpasses the number of tweets all of 1D plus their band account have sent their fans. they hold contests for us. they always make time to meet with us. they save their fans’ lives, literally. they took care of a fan who had a seizure at an airport and got her emergency care. you have absolutely NO RIGHT to say that The Wanted don’t care about their fans, because they do this for us.

  • Ushma

    1D was gnna win cuz US eirectioners wouldent let tw win i love 1Dmim a true directioner


    The Wanted are so much more down to Earth and they create more mature, more fun, music. They love their fans and NO ONE should say anything differently. The guys of 1D have better voices and look better overall but The Wanted are tops (esp. Siva and Max)