2013 MTV Movie Awards: Selena Gomez Performs “Come & Get It”

Apr 14th, 2013 // 15 Comments
Lady In Red

Selena Gomez worked a gold fringe dress with her hair pulled back on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (April 14). But when it came time for her to belt out new single “Come & Get It” on stage, the Spring Breakers minx let her locks down and appeared in full Hindi garb.

Gomez and her dancers bumped and grinded their way through choreography that was almost impressive enough to distract from the very pregnant Kim Kardashian introducing the whole performance.

When you’re ready, come & get it…and watch Selena sing her new single above.

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  1. Ela estava linda, perfeita, um divisor de águas em sua carreira!

  2. Jay

    Why is it at some point, in a female pop star’s career do they do something adopt the Hindi culture into their music? Is it a rite of passage or a desperate attempt to do something different? I’d say its the latter. It’s boring at this point (for pop stars to do this, not the Hindi culture). The performance and the song was boring. Given the lukewarm reception to the song thus far, clearly I’m not the only one.

    • Jay

      *do they adopt the Hindi culture*

    • Ayan

      What on earth is “Hindi culture”? I think you mean Indian and stop exaggerating. Most western pop stars do not do anything Indian. When you have seen Rihanna do anything Indian? Never.

      • Jay

        Please do your homework before picking fights.
        The fact that the first artist you name is Rihanna sadly shows you probably have very limited knowledge of music.

  3. Andrew Rod (@20Andfelrocks)

    That was vocally sad and awful, the perfomance have some moments but it’s just plain boring, love the song, but I knew this was going to be very awful live.

  4. She needs to fire her hair stylist

  5. Ayan

    “appeared in full Hindi garb.”

    Um… Hindi is a language. I think you mean Indian/South Asian.

    Embarrassing lol

  6. omg, that waa a disgrace to all the good ssingers out there,these are the kind of performances that show who should really be out there making music. i mean she cant even sing , the only time she actually sounds good is in avoice recording. And people rhink she can actually sing, i mean she was basicaly handed her music rigts just because of her acting, there are a treendos amount of people out there who would have performed the song way better than she ever could. i mean please, she doesnt even write any of her songs, is it really hat hard to acutally at least take some voice lessons or something. i admit she is a great actress , but her singing is the fakest i’ve ever heard.i mean justin bieber may not be as mature or kind hearted as she claims she is but at least he can sing good live, and not having to rely on recordings that make you sound so much better that you actually are.

    • livi

      that is just sad if you think she got famous off of justin you must be dumb a’f he has more haters then fans, and i bet your a big fan of jf consisering you have terrible tast of music, dont be talking trash because i dont see your name up in lights, selena gomez has more talent then you by along shot,

  7. kristin

    I was looking forward to her performance but it was disappointing. Singing was vanilla and dancing not that great. ‘Im sure she is a nice person, but she is only famous because of Justin Bieber.

  8. Manolo

    Never liked Selena before, #TeamMiley all the way (not a miley fan), but this song’s really catchy. Her live voice is not the best, is Rihanna’s better? NOPE. Her dancing skills… mmm she could practice and MAYBE she could pull a now days Britney or a Jessica Simpson in her whole career. For a long-long time I believed these Disney girls (Selena, Miley and Demi) would never be part of the Pop Scene, only Miley, she got everything (family, fame, boyfriend, slutty image, badass careless girl about people say about her, movies, #1 cds, hit tv series, movies, she’s funny and all the way) but I remember Selena, was making her own way to music in 2008, she was dating Nick Jonas back then, then Jacob from twilight and she went like that till Justin Bieber. Over Miley, Selena was nothing, but as far as Miley “quitted” in 2010, no other teen pop star was around and they got together all lights was in her. She got some pretty tunes on radio, actually her songs made better than JB at least in Mexico, they play one, and another, and another, and another …. i can still but i dont wanna write, they repeat peat peat peat peated LYLALSB over and over, Naturally, Round And Round and a Year without Rain over and over. In Bieber’s case, they only play Baby, Beauty and a Beat was plying hard back in 2012 and some 2013 winter. I only listened Boyfriend TWICE on radio.

    I can say i’m a male belieber or however they name guys with a crush on him. He’s cute all the way, got My World and Believe (4/5) BUT Selena’s latest album was really good.

    She’s making her OWN way to movies (monte carlo, spring breakers, etc), good luck Selena

  9. It was bad bad bad…high school level.

  10. Mae

    I typically like Selena, but that performance was just awful. Her singing was off, it was boring, the theme was odd and reminded me of the movie Music and Lyrics. I cringed the whole time watching through it.

  11. hdgh

    this is a good song

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