No, Rihanna Is Not Pregnant (But She Probably *Is* Still Dating Chris Brown, So There’s That)

Rihanna canceled two concerts in Dallas and Houston this week after coming down with an illness, which is bound to happen when you’ve been touring for, like, eleventy months. (Remember the 777 Tour? That was five months ago.) The singer went to the doctor, and after she was spotted there the Internet naturally assumed it meant she was pregnant, because only pregnant people need doctors.

But E! News claims several sources close to the Bajan singer have confirmed she is not with child. So she can go back to pouring it up and drinking it up and smoking it up. And we can all shelve the Internet-busting idea of a Chris Brown-Rihanna spawn — at least, for now. Breezy and RiRi were still an item as of six days ago, so nobody’s out of the woods just yet.