Ke$ha Posts Crazy, Beautiful, Sort-Of Nude Photo On Instagram — Enjoy!

Smoke and mirrors. Some would use that phrase to describe Ke$ha‘s entire pop career. (And how dare they?) The masses will really get to make their minds up about the Warrior princess when her MTV docu-series My Crazy Beautiful Life premieres next week, on April 23. But until then, the singer is drumming up interest the old-fashioned way: by posting a tastefully done, hazy, naked pic of herself on Instagram.

At least it looks like K$’s in her birthday suit. Upon closer inspection, the robo-voiced songstress appears to be wearing a thong, at least, though she does seem to be missing any sort of clothing up top. Maybe. Like we said, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The arrival of the photo came nearly an hour ago, with this simple tweet from Ke$ha herself:

Among the less-vulgar Instagram comments that have begun filtering in from Ke$ha’s disciples, there’s this gem: “don’t make me become a straight, please.”