Watch Fall Out Boy’s Gluttonous, NSFW “Young Volcanoes” Video

Apr 18th, 2013 // Comment
fall out boy young volcanoes video
FOB Feast

Fall Out Boy is capping off their big week with the premiere of their video for the peppy single “Young Volcanoes,” off the warmly received comeback album Save Rock And Roll. The visual starts with the foursome being force-fed by a gaggle of dominatrix-y women, and it all seems pretty grimy and miserable. There’s a flash of fun during what appears to be a dream sequence, when it becomes a greasy party with bloody animal masks and topless ladies (seems to be a lot of music videos with that latter feature these days).

We’re not sure what the video’s trying to say beyond, “Hey, here’s a fun, weird thing we could do!” — perhaps something about greed and conspicuous consumption? — but we kinda dig it.


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