Katy Perry Says She’s Halfway Finished With Next Album, Teases New Songs

Apr 19th, 2013 // 1 Comment

After releasing 60,000 singles from her bajillion-times-platinum sophomore LP Teenage Dream (in all its assorted incarnations), Katy Perry is back in the studio working on her third effort — as she revealed last night during a panel at ASCAP’s I Create Music Expo. Billboard reports that she said that she’s halfway through the next album, but there’s no timeline — yet.

As for Perry’s collaborators, she’s working with the usual suspects — Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Bonnie McKee and Greg Wells — as well as super-hitmaker Sia. Of her process, she said, “Max and Luke push me the most. As a team we have certain strengths. With Max, it’s melody choices, Luke is production and I’m topline and melody.”

Despite that, Perry was scarce on details when it came to her new music, revealing only one song title, for a new track she’d written with McKee: “She came in from a yoga class and said, ‘I want to write a song called ‘Double Rainbow.’ So we have a song called ‘Double Rainbow.’”

Sample lyric: “Do you ever feel / Like a pot of gold?” (Just kidding. Made that up.)

Read her full interview over at Billboard.


  1. Justin

    I thought she couldn’t work with Dr. Luke after he exclusively signed to Sony?

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