Annie Returns With Ralph Myerz On Royksopp-Produced Single “Take A Look At The World”: Listen

Beloved Norwegian pop star Annie has returned to bring light (Northern light!) into our lives once more — and not with the new Richard X-produced song “Tubestops and Lonely Hearts” that she teased last month in a Norwegian interview, but something new! Something new and excellent.

No, she’s teamed up with Norwegian electronica producer Ralph Myerz for a dance tune that’s a little clubbier than her normal output but still has the same icy Scandinavian fragility that characterized her first two albums: High, light vocals and crisp synth-driven production that’s more “Songs Remind Me of You” than “My Love Is Better.” The production is glacial (coming courtesy of objectively extraordinary Norwegian duo Royksopp), the lyrics are wistful (“Take a look at the world on your own / Make a change for the best, got to know your possibilities”) and the beats come ever-harder as the song progresses.

Annie, bring this one here. It’s a dancefloor smash. Listen below.

Ralph Myerz — “Take A Look At The World” (feat. Annie)

[via MuuMuse]