Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful” From ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack: Review Revue

Lana Del Rey‘s sweeping Great Gatsby gem “Young & Beautiful” has cast an immensely gorgeous, moody spell over us, and the song almost makes one forget the fact that other heavyweights like Jay-Z, Beyonce and Florence + The Machine are present on the film’s soundtrack, as well. (Get to know the words to the song inside and out via our friends at

Would F. Scott Fitzgerald himself approve of Lana’s mesmerizing number? That’s something we’ll never know. But other, modern-day writers of the online variety sure had some upbeat things to type out regarding “Young & Beautiful.” Head below for our roundup of the Internet’s thoughts on LDR’s latest song.

:: Stereogum has been swayed: “It’s about love and aging and insecurity and her own self-diagnosed luminous beauty, and I like it, even if she actually does sing the words ‘makes me wanna party.’ It’s prettily luxuriant, and it has strings for days.”

:: MTV Hive quips, “…the titular line is pure Del Rey dramatics, packing a hefty self-doubt punch as she croons ‘Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?’ Of course we will, Lana. Of course we will.”

:: Hypetrak is also enamored: “Letting her natural vocals do all of the work, Rey sings over the stripped-down instrumental, providing listeners with a beautiful, dark melody.”

:: Stupid Dope raves, “‘Young & Beautiful’ is a beautiful, big, smooth track that finds Lana placing her unique sounds upon a stripped down, yet emotional backdrop. This shit is too dope…”

:: Under The Gun Review is equally up on the lush downer track: “Del Rey finds a lonesome sense of soul in her lyrics, and the delivery throughout ‘Young And Beautiful’ makes you fall in love with her while simultaneously wanting to coddle her and explain that the world is not as terrible a place as it may seem.”

:: Add to those praising the song: “Meshing perfectly with the movie’s eclectic score, Lana delivers a song filled with soft, timid, and cinematic feeling.”

:: Finally, We Are Pop Slags sums it up with this: “Her cool delivery on ‘Young & Beautiful’ works wonders with the big drums and orchestral strings, which bring the song to a slow climax.”

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