Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” Video: Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Apr 22nd, 2013 // 27 Comments
demi lovato heart attack behind the scenes music video
An Inside Look At Demi's Emotional Video

Been wondering why Demi Lovato seems a bit stationary throughout her emotional video for “Heart Attack”? As she explains in the behind-the-scenes clip Idolator is premiering today, “It was actually the first time that I had worn heels since I had broken my ankle. So I’m not moving around that much.”

Still, Disney’s top pop princess (per Idolator readers) is not one to be sidelined by a minor injury. In fact, she used her handicap to her advantage by letting her facial expressions and raw emotions take the reigns of her performance for the visual.

Watch Demi, sans a coating of black paint, talk about transforming pain and suffering from past relationships into art in the above  look at her music video for “Heart Attack.”

Chris Applebaum directed Lovato’s visual for her first single from upcoming album Demi (out May 14 — pre-order on iTunes now). Does the above peek behind the scenes give you any new insight to “Heart Attack”?


  1. karla

    Nice video and idea Demi u and ALL your staff and crew did a very very very very great job on the “heart attack” video

  2. perfect like always. SO SO SO proud of youu !

  3. vale

    guuaauuu¡¡ awesome¡¡

  4. Geh lovatic

    I love you so much .. Brasil !!!!!!!!!

  5. Geh lovatic


  6. Ana

    ♥ OMG :’)

  7. Markie

    wow wow wow wow wow shes amazing

  8. karine

    I LOVE YOU DEMI nao existe palavras que te descreva minha linda

  9. I love you

    I love in the song

  10. Fernanda

    Eu te amo! Brasil ♥

  11. your so creative I love you

  12. willian123

    ola te amo demi soy thu idolo de colombia y the defiendo a capa y espada te amo I LOVE YOU DEMI LOVATO

  13. Julia

    Ooow demi love ♥

  14. Ainsley

    She is NOT “Disney’s top pop princess,” get it right!

  15. Have too double post because something happen to my computer


  16. Robert. T

    hey demmi keep your head up. :) your a strong girl. :) nice work on the video. splendid. :)

  17. Lena

    love love love!!! Russia loves you! Demi please come to Nizhny Novgorod

  18. Lena

    Demi we wait you in Russia again and please dont forget our citi Nizhny Novgorod! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! I love you so much!

  19. shamar

    simple and unique video….I love it

  20. Christina

    Now I finally understood the video! I never really knew what the “black hands” represented before now… Cool!! Love you, Demi xxo

  21. Bella

    OMG!!! :D demiii :D siempre hermosaaa :D everytime beautiful i love u so much! :D u’re the bst! >.

  22. i love demi ♥

    omg i love her she saved my life if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be here

  23. Mathias Funke

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  24. hinwa

    I love you

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