PSY’s College Roommate Says PSY Was Fat & “Flunked Everything”

PSY is a scholar and a gentleman just a gentleman. His alleged Boston University roommate has opened up about his time living with the not-yet-star in the late ’90s, because people care? According to the man, who lived with PSY (real name Park Jae-sang) from 1996-98 at B.U. and who doesn’t sound bitter at all, PSY was: “Fat. Lazy. Messy.” The guy added, “He missed classes all day long. Flunked everything.”

At the time, PSY was studying business administration, but was only interested in music, and his grand aspirations were apparent early on. He would put on karaoke shows and after his friends would joke that nobody with PSY’s looks will become famous, he’d respond, “”I will make it! I’m going to be a star! Just you watch!”

PSY himself probably won’t be contesting this account any time soon. In his Reddit AMA last year, when asked about his subsequent time at Berklee College of Music, PSY responded thusly: “unfortunately i didn’t attend class that much. sorry! when i was in college i was young and stupid so i thought i cannot learn creative things from other people like professors. i taught myself. but nowadays sometimes i regret but things worked out ok.” “OK” meaning: broke every YouTube record, made some $8 million from one music video and got to speak at the Oxford Union.

So listen up, kids — fuck school and go get that viral caish.

[via Business Insider]