Watch Rihanna Make It Rain At A Strip Club (UPDATE: BFF Katy Perry Was Not There)

Apr 24th, 2013 // 6 Comments

UPDATE: Rihanna’s pal Katy Perry was not at the strip club. Katy’s publicist told us the following via email: “Katy was in Los Angeles Saturday night then Cancun promoting Smurfs Sun-Tues so that story is wrong.” Minutes ago, Perry herself tweeted, “Ermm… I was in LA Saturday night… Should I be proud or offended I wasn’t invited.” So RiRi was riding solo.

Rihanna is surely nightmares for parents of young girls. Who knows, maybe she emphasizes her womanhood and sexuality as some sort of post-feminism feminist thing. Or maybe she doesn’t give a shit about that and does what she does because sex sells. We’re not here to get into the motivations and deeper social Meaning of her persona, because, look at that headline, we’re guilty of the “sex sells” thing, after all. So yes, Rihanna and Katy Perry went to the strip club this weekend. Of course they did. We can’t believe they haven’t done this soonerAccording to TMZ, Rihanna visited King of Diamonds strip club in Miami Sunday (April 21) and made it rain to the tune of $8,000 over a span of two-and-a-half hours. Apparently it started as a scouting trip to see how the ladies dance to her music. Katy Perry reportedly joined the festivities later in the night. News!

Anyway, head below to watch RiRi make it rain on a stripper’s booty. (If this depresses you, Grimes just posted a Tumblr manifesto on sexism in music, so there’s your palate cleanser.)


  1. Qwerty

    And how many male urban stars go to strip clubs everyday and don’t get as much as one headline? Give me a break. And just because Grimes is an intelligent, talented woman doesn’t mean that women that choose to utilize their sexuality should be slut shamed. Just saying.

  2. Katana

    I only dance to Rihanna she can come see me with that same tune!!! Tiffany’s caberet Buffalo, NY

  3. JustinMar

    I feel like in these economic times, she should head to some random small town and just start showering people green. Or if you have 8000 bucks, give a fan money to go to college. It’s what Id do if I had hit tunes but no talent and people bought my records. It’s like a silent agreement. Listen to me whine, I pay you to stan me on the webz…

  4. KatyCat23

    Learn to get your facts straight!! Katy was NOT with Rihanna, she’s been in Cancun México for the Smurfs 2 Première. If you read her twitter page, she just recently tweeted saying that because she wasn’t with her, they’ll go another day.

  5. What is she, a lesbo? Should’ve gone to a male strip club…unless she’s a lesbo. Then she was in the right place.

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