Whitney Houston’s “I Believe In You And Me” Covered By Ariana Grande: Watch

ariana grande whitney houston cover
We Believe!
Ariana Grande quickly attracted Mariah Carey comparisons with the smooth vocal acrobatics and bouncy pop sensibility of “The Way,” and pop fans began thinking, praying, hoping, “Could it be? Could she be the One Voice To Save Us From This #Darkness?” And now, Grande has given us another reason to believe, posting an a cappella cover of Whitney Houston‘s version of “I Believe In You and Me.” Bold move, right? Very bold!

It starts out hushed (you can hear the ambient noise in the room and her voice echoing), but then Ariana digs her heels in and lets those pipes do some work.  Yup, we’re still believers. Check it out up top.

[via MTV Buzzworthy]

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  • Naomi

    This is why I love this girl. She has amazing vocals, and she can sing anything. The fact that she’s nineteen and she sings like that, it’s so amazing. She has the strongest vocals out of all the teen singers that are currently around right now.

  • Jhun Mosby

    that bitch betta sang! she gave me goosbumps… now that is a voice from God

  • jen

    It was bold move.. She was trying to hard in the end.. Felt more like forced out!! But she has strong vocals

  • Symie

    Mariah Carey YES!!! Whitney Houston HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!Whitney is one of a kind sorry,but the girl can still sing like i don’t know what!!!!

  • arianatorarmy

    i´m an arianator and i´m going to tweet her 1000 times every day for 2 weeks for a follow from her ily ariana grande so proud and hopefully one day i will shine like you in the hollywood sign i can sing but i´m a lil scared becuse if i set it on youtube the boys in my class will stalk me and bully me with it if i would go to the voice i will think that i´m not good at it and i will be shy plz help me

  • arianatorarmy

    i´m crying i just don´t know what to do…