Jessie Ware Covers Martika’s Superb, Underrated 1991 Single “Love…Thy Will Be Done”

Apr 24th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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Here’s the lowdown on “Love… Thy Will Be Done”: It’s the Martika hit that was co-written and produced by Prince, but wasn’t “Toy Soldiers,” and so it’s been sadly eclipsed in the grand scheme of all things pop by nostalgia for the latter’s chart-topping, late-’80s wattage. The dreamy mid-tempo ballad, which came packed with those unmistakeable, Prince-ly Paisley Park beats, sounded just as offbeat in 1991 as it does today, which made it all the more remarkable when it drifted into the Top 10 on the Hot 100.

This is where Jessie Ware comes in. The UK songbird du jour, whose LP Devotion was finally released stateside last week, clearly shares our love of “Love… Thy Will Be Done,” and decided to gift the Internet with a cover version today. It’s a fairly safe rendition that doesn’t veer far from the original (even the backing vocals are arranged similarly). Still, as far as 1991 summer jams go, at least Jessie spared us an Escape Club cover.
Jessie Ware — “Love… Thy Will Be Done”

Martika — “Love… Thy Will Be Done”

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  1. drew

    Jessie Ware gives me LIFE… so soulful. If only she’d start doing some more tour dates in the US!!

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