Selena Gomez Performs “Come & Get It” On ‘Late Show With David Letterman’: Watch

Selena Gomez has been channeling Britney Spears (there are worse pop idols to tribute, surely) in those big, high-concept performances of her new single “Come & Get It,” but last night on Late Show With David Letterman, Gomez seemed a little mellower: No choreography, no over-the-top bhangra gyrations — just Selena and her mic, keeping it simple on stage. 

So how did she fare? Well — it’s just better with high production values and choreography, frankly. Vocally, Selena’s not particularly powerful, and while she looks great, and her stage presence is up, she’s better off with a bigger show to back her up. It wasn’t bad, necessarily, but we liked the MTV Movie Awards and Dancing With the Stars pop star action she was serving up. Let’s just go back to that. That was much more fun.

Watch up top.

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