Mariah Carey Teases “Beautiful” With Miguel: Watch The Clip

Apr 26th, 2013 // 4 Comments
Mariah Carey Beautiful Miguel Teaser
Get Beautiful

Mariah Carey, the best-selling female artist of the millennium/a person who commands millions of dollars to snooze through American Idol every week, is teaming up with Miguel, the coolest cat in R&B, for some kind of new single that will probably be a thousand times better than the abysmal “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” or the good-but-ultimately-forgettable “Almost Home.” News broke earlier this week that the two had shot a video (directed by Joseph Kahn) for the upcoming track, and now Carey’s gone and uploaded a 25-second teaser, which tells us a few things: Mariah Carey is still feelin’ herself, and a new era is beginning. (We’re not extrapolating: The text at the end reads: “The New Era Begins.”)

There isn’t much to see or hear here — just a guitar riff and Carey laughing as her lustrous mane blows around her face and Miguel checks himself out in a mirror — but it’s more than enough to get people stoked for “Beautiful,” which drops May 6.

Watch up top.

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  1. drew

    This is almost worst than Beyonce’s media extravaganza/mess.

  2. #Beatiful Mariah ft, Miguel

    The title isn’t “Beautiful” It’s “#Beautiful” with a hashtag. And the guitar riff it’s part of the song, so it’s gonna be great. A new Era!!!! So exciting

  3. E LOVE

    Can’t wait for this talented woman to return to the music forum. I’m ready!!

  4. no one care

    the fact that only three people commented shows that NO ONE CARES ANYMORE!!!!

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