Lady Gaga Drops Born This Way Tour Video: Watch

Apr 27th, 2013 // 4 Comments
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Lady Gaga has broken her silence (well, relatively speaking) since she canceled her Born This Way Ball tour. Set to Born This Way‘s “Scheiße,” a new time-lapse video shows how her stage — and castle! — was assembled, then disassembled at each performance. In the process. Lady Gaga reveals that her castle and its automated gates required 15 53-foot-long trailers to be carried inside the arena.

Watch the Born This Way Ball tour video after the jump. (For glimpses at Mother Monster herself, watch the two screens fixated to the left and right of the stage.)

[via Gaga Daily]

  1. Jaspermatt

    Have you noticed the frame at 00:03:04;24? The GagaDaily thread is crazy!

  2. Felicia

    That was incredible! Lady Gaga does all this just for her fans.
    She always gives 110%

  3. Thank you Gaga cast and crew!! Your work is much apprecited!! :)

  4. Thanks Mommy For the BTWB we are so grateful to have been blessed with seeing you perform with our own eyes.

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