Nicki Minaj Preps Live-Action Film Debut In Cameron Diaz Flick

As soon as Nicki Minaj seems to grow comfortable in a role, she veers in the opposite direction. When she became rap’s next superstar, she went completely off her pop rocker. Now, as an American Idol judge, Minaj has landed her first live-action role in a film called The Other Woman.

The Fox revenge comedy stars Cameron Diaz as the titular character, who finds out she’s in an affair and teams with the adulterer’s wife, played by Leslie Mann, to plot revenge. Minaj plays Diaz’s “opinionated” assistant — a role that makes sense, considering her Idol critiques.

Minaj’s Other Woman role also follows her 2012 film debut in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, as the cutesy mammoth Steffie, and her arts school upbringing at New York’s LaGuardia High. “Even when I’m not acting, I’m still kind of using all of my acting training in my music,” Minaj has said. “So it [felt] very natural, very comfortable for me to jump back into what I was doing in the beginning, which was acting and being very animated and very crazy and using your voice as if a person can’t see you.”

Ice Age 4 Nicki Minaj Role Parts from romanempireny on Vimeo.