Jessica Sanchez’s ‘Me, You & The Music’: Album Review

Apr 30th, 2013 // 13 Comments
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Jessica Sanchez
It’s been about a year since we saw Jessica Sanchez light up the stage (and subsequently get robbed) on season 11 of American Idol. After a full slate of post-season tour dates, performances at the NBA Finals and the DNC and a Glee guest spot, Sanchez has finally finished up her debut album, Me, You & the Music. Out today (), the 11-track effort not only highlights her undeniable vocal talent, but also showcases how much she has grown musically since her stint on Idol.

That latter point was partly a conscious decision: leading up to the album’s release, Sanchez made it clear she wanted to prove she was more than just a balladeer with this release. The other factor was the stellar lineup of songwriters and producers she recruited for the album, including Ne-YoSia, Ester Dean and Toby Gad. As a result, the album is full of tracks that will inspire dance moves, whether in your bedroom or at the club.

Lead single “Tonight,” then, was no outlier. Featuring a guest spot from Ne-Yo, it’s a fun club cut that shows Sanchez’s young, playful side. “You’ve Got the Love” may evoke Florence + the Machine with its title, but the song starts off like *NSYNC‘s “Pop,” and the track gives Jessica the opportunity to belt out those high notes without having to pour her “broken” heart out.

These aren’t the only musical experiments she tries on the LP. Sharing the mic with Prince Royce, Sanchez sings two versions of the mid-tempo electro-pop ballad “No One Compares” (one version in English, the other in Spanglish), which is produced by Italy’s Benassi Bros. The album’s biggest curveball, though, is “Don’t Come Around,” which samples Tom Petty‘s trippy 1985 track, “Don’t Come Around Here No More.” The song has more of a reggae feel than Petty’s original, and Sanchez fittingly channels a bit of Rihanna on the vocals. Meanwhile, on the R&B-inflected “In Your Hands,” Sanchez draws inspiration from Beyonce, and with the organ in the intro and background, she clearly takes it to church.

Of course, Sanchez didn’t completely abandon her ballad sweet spot. The Ne-Yo-produced “Plastic Roses” is about a love that isn’t real, and album standout “Crazy Glue” is a torch song that shows off the vocal runs and expansive range we’ve come to expect from the 17-year-old singer.

Jessica Sanchez is clearly living out her musical dreams on Me, You & the Music. She tries out several styles and sounds, as a way to prove her versatility and also just because that’s what any teen would do when given all these toys and tricks for a debut album. While the album could be a bit more cohesive, nothing here sounds forced, and the record is strong enough to put Sanchez up against today’s young, emerging pop vocalists. Sanchez has proved you don’t need to win a singing competition to put out a winning album.

Best Track That Isn’t A Single (Yet?): “In Your Hands” blends her powerful vocals with a combination of old school R&B vibes and pop sensibility.

Best Listened To: Getting ready for prom, a graduation party or an epic girls’ night out.

Rating: 3.5/5

-Emily Tan

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  1. Who robbed her? Pinoy Mexican bandido? LOL!

  2. She wasn’t robbed. The fact is that she was voted off at 7th place and only came back in through the judges “save”. This blatant manipulation which disregarded voters’ decision actually robbed other remaining contestants namely Colton, Elise, Skylar, Hollie and Joshua higher finished placing on the show and possibly robbed Joshua of the 2nd placed finishing and a recording contract with a major label. So let’s call a spade a spade shall we?

    • Dully

      Calling Joshua a spade. now really. What a racist… and a delusional racist to boot.

      You actually believe that save wasn’t scripted for ratings? the frontrunner the entire show magically gets voted off after the best performance of the night? yeah, ok…. LOL

    • The Judges Save is part of the American Idol rules. They did not just create it to save her. It’s one of the rules of the game and there was no manipulation or disregarding of viewers votes. The fact that Jessica didn’t hit Bottom three after being saved shows that she deserved that save 100%

    • Manny61

      Lets do call a spade a spade. First off, no contestant gets voted off. There is no voting to remove a contestant DUH the voting is to retain a contestant. Her fans got complacent and assumed she would move on to the next round and got a wake up call after that save. Proof is the fact that she remained on after that week all the way to the finals. Second, she is a far superior singer than P2 and as good as Joshua. I wont even mention the other contestants. If a contestant is that good and comes in 3rd or 4th, the contestant can still get a contract if someone is willing to pick that person up. Jennifer Hudson is a perfect example. As far as the comment from the Storm? Risks? She sang the most difficult songs on the show. Are you kidding me? I’d like you to post a video of you singing the the easiest of the songs she sang, and we shall see how safe those songs really were.

      • There is no point of being technically perfect singer with little connection with the audience. Have you read the sales projections for her album debut week? Not pretty!

  3. No, she wasn’t robbed. She was a known for her tired ballads. She did not have the confidence to take risks and speak up for herself. Sock puppet.

    • Dully

      Oooohhh. Another grumpy Hollie fan who just can’t let it go a year later. Check out her YouTubes from before Idol. She played idol very smart in her song selection. It allowed her to beat the one you were voting for.

  4. jsfan

    I think Jessica has proven herself in this debut album that she is the most versatile contestant in Season 11 of AI. Not only she had the best vocal range of the group, she had the guts to show it off. Time will only tell who would be the most successful of the bunch. You don’t need to win AI to be successful in the music business.

  5. Andrew

    Bought the album on the the songs..Go Jessica!!!

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